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These days people are more health conscious than ever before. We now seriously consider every aspect of our lives; from what we drink to what food we eat and even how we spend our past time.

Today most people walk into a grocery store and go straight to GMO free products including fruits and vegetables. This has almost become an instinctive thing to do for many people when it comes to shopping for groceries. The reason for buying naturally grown produce cannot be overemphasized, not with recent health revelations with regards to GMO products.

Even in the world of smoking, there is a clear paradigm shift from traditional tobacco smoking to other forms of smoking or vaping. The traditional tobacco smokers is fast becoming a dying breed (no pun intended), as the dangers of tobacco smoking has led to the launch of many innovative substitute products.

In truth, these substitute products reflect the needs of a more health conscious generation. A generation that wants to indulge in little pleasures like smoking, but without the endless health risks that come with it.

If you are one of many people that loves smoking tobacco-based shisha using a hookah, now is the best time to make some wholesome changes. Now is the time to join the bandwagon of a health-conscious generation looking to have fun, but in a safe way.

It is no secret that tobacco is notorious for being the major cause of a myriad of health issues. From cardiovascular problems to high blood pressure to different forms of cancer and the health risks seem unending, it is surprising that there are still tobacco smokers out there. But like in all things good and bad, there are likely to be people involved somehow.

In the case of tobacco shisha smoking and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), spending just an hour smoking nicotine rich shisha is equivalent to consuming at least 100 sticks of regular tobacco cigarettes. This is a frightening fact that should get anyone still smoking tobacco shisha seriously thinking and weighing their options.

You might be wondering what other options are out there that can compare to the nicotine addiction that you have for so long enjoyed. Well, for starters you might want to consider trying shisha smoking options.

It may interest you to know that there are now tobacco free and 100% herbal shisha alternatives that will not only satisfy your preference for shisha smoking, but may also help improve your overall health.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

EMPE USA is committed to revolutionizing the shisha smoking industry with the recent launch of five exclusive shisha with CBD products. These CBD based products are completely tobacco free and 100% herbal in nature.

It is now possible for anyone to avoid consuming the highly addictive nicotine compound of the tobacco plant while enjoying the simple pleasures of shisha smoking.

If you are a regular shisha smoker or you are considering taking your first hit from a hubble bubble, there are other options now available to you. Change your habit today and begin afresh with any one of five new and exclusive shishas with CBD products from the extensive collection of CBD based products by EMPE USA.

Our Exclusive Shisha With CBD Products

As you decide today to quit smoking tobacco based shisha and switch to much healthier shisha with CBD products from EMPE USA. Know that you can choose from five new, exclusive and unique shisha options. These five-exclusive shisha with CBD products include;

You can buy each of these five CBD based products in 5oz eco-friendly, biodegradable handy packs. These packs are also easy to open with the effortless tearing of the top half of the pack by hand or with the use of scissors if you prefer.

These five exclusive shisha with CBD products all combine unrivaled flavor with smooth, satisfying smoke that is infused with completely natural 200mg of full spectrum Cbd hemp oil.

Every one of the five exclusive shisha with CBD products from EMPE USA is 100% natural and absolutely free of any tobacco. The active ingredients of these shisha products include; high grade Hemp oil, Pure Natural Honey, Glycerin, Cane Molasses and Flavoring.

As you can see, each of the EMPE USA shisha with CBD products comes with a fruit-theme. You have Lemonade, Mint, Mango, Apple and Grape fruit flavors to choose from. This gives the shisha smoke an exquisite taste with every single inhale, tingling your senses and exciting your taste buds in the process. Note that only adults over the age of 18 years are permitted to consume these products and each 5oz pack is available for use at a moderate price of $49.00.

What Is A Hookah?

The hookah is used to smoke or vaporize a number of consumable products. Traditional hookah has for long been used in smoking or vaporizing opium or tobacco-based products. Today hookah can be used in smoking or vaporizing flavored CBD based products and the EMPE USA shisha with CBD products are perfect consumables for use on traditional hookah.

A typical hookah comprises of at least four key components which are necessary for the proper functioning of the device. Some of these components include;

The Bowl or head of Hookah

This is a simple container that is made from glass, marble or clay. It traditionally holds both the tobacco and coal when the hookah is in use. However, the bowl can be used to hold any one of the shisha with CBD products by EMPE USA in place of unhealthy tobacco.

Place in the bowl your shisha with CBD products, covered with a windscreen with air pockets or aluminum foil that is perforated, and hot coal is then put on top of this foil. The shisha with CBD will then heat up at an appropriate temperature to produce vapor. With newer hookah models you have a Sahara Smoke Vortex Bowl or a Tangiers Phunnel Bowl.

The Perforated Windscreen

As stated earlier, the windscreen is placed at the top of the bowl. It helps to regulate the rate at which the coal burns as well as its temperature by limiting the wind that blows through the hookah.

Single Or Multiple Hose

The hookah may use a single or multiple vinyl hose. This is a simple tube that is flexible and enables smoke or vapor to pass through for consumers to inhale through a mouthpiece. The beauty of this tube is that the vapor or smoke tends to cool before it reaches the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece may be made from plastic, metal or wood and may come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

How The Hookah Works With Shisha With CBD ?

There is a water jar which is seen below the hookah. With the right amount of water in the jar, the body tube of the hookah is then partially submerged in it (just a couple of centimeters) and tightly sealed. If the water is deeper than just a couple of centimeters, the force of inhalation by the consumer would have to be increased in order to use the hookah.

You then place your preferred shisha with CBD product in the head of the hookah or bowl. As mentioned, a perforated windscreen or aluminum foil is placed over the bowl to cover it and coal is then put on top of the windscreen or aluminum foil. It is this foil or windscreen that keeps the coal separated from the shisha with CBD product in the bowl. Furthermore, the foil will greatly limit your inhalation of the ash produced from burning coal. It will also regulate the temperature of the shisha with CBD to ensure that the vapor or smoke is generated at the right temperature.

The flexible vinyl hose is used to inhale the vapor or smoke. As you inhale, air passes forcefully through the burning coal and then to the head of the hookah or bowl where the shisha with CBD is held. The coal heats up the air which then vaporizes the shisha with CBD consumable in the bowl. This vapor then passes right down the body tube which is tightly sealed in the water jar.

The vapor will then bubble right up the water in the jar and in the process it will lose its heat and subsequently fill up the upper region of the water jar. As it does this, the vapor then passes through the flexible vinyl hose or hoses which is/are fitted at the upper part of the jar.

With each inhalation the vapor or smoke is taken into the smoker’s lungs. The process will continue as the built up pressure in the water jar causes air to pass through the coal, down the body tube and back in the jar. Every hookah has a purge valve which allows stale smoke to be evacuated.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil?

What makes the EMPE USA shisha with CBD products so unique is that they are made with 200mg of full spectrum Cbd hemp oil and only non-GMO ingredients. The full spectrum Cbd hemp oil is a 100% pure, natural oil that is derived through extraction from the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant. The beauty of this extraction is that every known Cannabinoid compound existing in the hemp crop is naturally derived.

This is in stack contrast to synthetic or if you like – “isolated cannabinoids”. With isolated cannabinoids you have specific Cannabinoid compounds that are synthetically engineered from the hemp crop and this is by no means a natural extraction

Also as there is less than 0.3% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main ingredient from cannabis that makes you high), CBD shisha will not give you a state of euphoria. It will on the other hand, relax and calm you.

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