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Delta-8 is the new trend in CBD products.

Delta-8 is becoming popular among CBD users. It has most of the “benefits” of the delta-9 in a much less potent way and does not have its “harmful” effects. It is considered legal as it comes from the hemp plan: it is covered by the Federal 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and hemp derivatives. If you consume this product you may fail a drug test. Those products may have psychoactive and intoxicating effects, in a much lesser extent than Delta-9 / Marijuana though.

At EMPE-USA, we select only the highest quality ingredients. Our delta-8 THC edibles and tinctures come from Florida-grown premium organic hemp and for safety, quality and transparency concerns, we test all our CBD products by third-party labs. They are totally safe and legal as they contain less than 0.3% THC. We offer a variety of Delta-8 products with different flavors: strawberry or mango tinctures, passionfruit-grape-strawberry or watermelon-mango-blueberry infused gummies as well as Vape Cartridges in 5 flavors or softgels.

Keep these products out of reach of children and pets, read the labels and only take the recommended dose.
Delta-8 is illegal in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Texas and Utah. is an exemplary online platform that caters to the growing demand for high-quality DELTA-8 products. As a trusted provider, they offer an extensive range of DELTA-8 infused items, ensuring their customers experience the benefits of this unique cannabinoid in various convenient and enjoyable forms. From gummies to vape cartridge tinctures to topical creams,’s selection showcases its dedication to offering diverse options tailored to individual preferences and needs. With a commitment to excellence, each product undergoes rigorous testing by third-party laboratories, guaranteeing potency, purity, and compliance with regulatory standards. This assurance allows consumers peace of mind while exploring the innovative properties of DELTA-8 without compromise. Moreover, prioritizes quality and provides detailed information about each product’s composition and usage guidelines so that consumers can make informed decisions regarding their consumption habits. Whether individuals are seeking relief from anxiety or pain management solutions or simply aiming for relaxation after a long day, navigating through unveils a world where DELTA-8 has become more accessible than ever before. is an esteemed online destination offering a wide range of premium CBD products, with a particular emphasis on the revolutionary compound Delta-8. Recognized for its commitment to excellence, this website delivers top-tier supplements derived from hemp and infused with high-grade Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extracts. With a team of seasoned experts dedicated to cultivating organic hemp plants in optimal conditions, ensures that every product adheres to strict quality standards during manufacture and production. Their comprehensive selection features a wide variety of consumables, including gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, edibles, and more – all incorporating Delta-8 THC for enhanced benefits. Sourcing only the finest ingredients available worldwide allows them to create unique formulations that provide users with an unparalleled experience while maintaining full compliance with legal requirements regarding THC content. As customers browse’s user-friendly interface, boasting detailed product descriptions and informative, educational resources on the remarkable properties of Delta-8 THC products, it becomes clear why this platform stands apart as a leader in CBD retailing industry-wide.

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