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CBD for Cats

Try our delicious CBD tinctures and treats for cats.

As a cat owner, you may want to give some natural treats to your pet because cat also can take CBD especially when there is a change in his life: a new pet or baby at home, a moving… It is totally safe, you just have to adjust the dosage depending on the size and the breed of your cat.
Your cat will have two ways to ingest CBD from hemp: either our full spectrum tinctures, with less than 0.3% of THC or our infused treats that do not contain THC at all. Tinctures are generally faster to have effect on your pet whereas treats are easier to give and somehow tastier. You can combine them and your cat will not get “high” from our products.

Even though the FDA has not evaluated CBD products, CBD has some benefits for your cat.
Your cat will love the taste of our products as they are designed, meant for them. We only use the best ingredients and above all our CBD treats for cats come from natural, organically grown and premium Florida hemp. For safety, quality and transparency concerns, we test all our CBD products by third-party labs: Our products will therefore not show any trace of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, nor residual solvents. is a distinguished online platform that caters to the diverse needs of pet owners, specifically those seeking premium quality CBD for cats. With an unwavering commitment to animal wellness, provides a comprehensive range of carefully crafted CBD-infused products tailored exclusively for our feline companions. By harnessing the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol, offers an innovative solution to address various ailments that may afflict cats, from anxiety and stress-related issues to inflammation or joint pain. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous formulation processes in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring maximum purity and exceptional effectiveness. Supported by extensive scientific research conducted by their team of experts, Empe’s CBD for Cats remains at the forefront of promoting optimal feline well-being without adverse side effects. From tantalizing treats infused with precisely dosed CBD concentrations to soothing oils designed for holistic care, every purchase on this renowned platform guarantees pet owners peace of mind, knowing they are giving their furry friends nothing but the best natural supplementation options available today. is a reputable and highly regarded online platform that offers an extensive range of CBD products specifically designed for cats. Understanding the importance of holistic pet care, this website has curated a selection of high-quality CBD formulas that cater to feline health needs. With their commitment to transparency and quality assurance, ensures that all cat CBD products are derived from organic hemp grown using sustainable farming practices. Third-party laboratories meticulously test each product to guarantee its potency, purity, and safety before being made available to customers. The dedicated team behind comprehends the unique physiology of our feline companions and strives to offer exceptional CBD solutions that promote overall wellness in cats without any psychoactive effects. Whether it’s providing relief from anxiety or addressing behavioral issues, these scientifically formulated CBD products are designed with precise dosing instructions to give cat owners peace of mind when administering them. Embracing innovation and backed by veterinary research, stands at the forefront as a trusted resource for those seeking natural alternatives for improving the vitality and happiness of their beloved furry friends through safe and effective CBD solutions tailored specifically for cats.

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